Age (Estimate): 1.5 years

Breed/Info: Pointer/ Pyranees Mix

Delilah is a smart and energetic girl. She walks great on a Gentle Leader and loves to be with her humans. Because of her size, she does best with large dogs, after proper introduction. She would be a great running buddy, and would love to sit on the couch with you after! She just moved into her foster home and is learning her doggy manners. Delilah loves to sit out in the yard and watch the squirrels.  She is crate and house trained. 

Adoption Fee $300



Age (Estimate): 1 years

Breed/info: Viszla mix

Abbey was rescued from a Houston area shelter when she was in great danger and had a busted hip. Now she greets strangers like they are her long lost pal. She would fit in perfectly with any family that has a fenced yard. Abbey would love a family with a sense of humor, as she keeps her foster family entertained. She loves going to new places, and meeting new people. Pick up her leash, and she's ready to go for a stroll. While she loves other dogs, they don't always love her- especially older grumpier ones that don't put up with her silly adorable antics. She has even been fine with a cat in the house. She is crate trained, but would rather be next to you. She uses a dog door with no problem, and asks to be let out. Abbey enjoys her walks and does so excellently on a lead with just a flat collar. She loves toys, and is a silly sweet girl who is a ton of fun. Did we mention she talks to you?

Abbey had a tough start as she needed a major hip surgery due to an injury early on but she is doing so well now in her recovery. Now that she is fully healed from that, and the vet doesn't think she will need any follow up treatment, she has been learning basic obedience and the fun being a puppy. 

Adoption Fee $300

Ridge & Coffee

Age (Estimate):  Ridge 6 1/2 years, Coffee 8 1/2 years

Breed/info: Pointer mix

Ridge and Coffee (modelling the stylish sunflower) came to us when their person died. Coffee is actually Ridge's mom so she keeps a good eye on him. They have spent their whole lives together and given how bonded they are, we are looking to adopt them together. Both are so sweet, house and crate trained. They are very laid back and like other dogs. Would be great with kids and perfect for a Senior adult.  They love to hang out on the couch and watch TV. Just add water and food and they are good to go! They would also be great in an apartment or as office buddies.They would be a great addition to any family. Note objects in pictures may appear larger in real life- everyone who meets them states that they are bigger than they thought :)

Adoption Fee - Sponsored by a donor! Just want them in a good home.


Age (Estimate): 5 years

Breed/Info: Retriever

Bailey came to us after being found as a stray skin and bones. They found her owners via microchip, but they blocked the calls. We are so happy to have her in our care. She loves to play fetch and snuggle up. At 5 she is still pretty playful! She knows basic commands and overall is just very appreciative of a warm bed and food in her belly.

Adoption Fee $300





(Estimate): 1.5 years

Breed/info: English Pointer

Birdie is looking for her forever home. She loves other dogs, and needs to be in a home with kids over age 10 or adults only. She is very smart and easily trainable. She knows her basic commands as well. Ms. Birdie loves to go on walks or sit in the back yard watching the squirrels. Won't you make Birdie part of your forever family soon?

Adoption Fee $300

Bailey Blue

Age (Estimate): 3 years

Breed/Info: Lab Mix

Sweet Bailey Blue was rescued from a shelter in San Antonio, Tx. She was under weight, sick and very scared. Since being in her foster home, she has blossomed into a sweet, loving and trusting girl! She loves to be around other dogs and becomes lonely if she doesn't have a playmate. She absolutely adores kids and lights up with love when she is around them! She is a very gentle and calm girl but also loves to play with other dogs and her toys! She is crate and house trained and currently working on basic obedience. This sweet girl is such a great family dog, she would LOVE a home with other dogs and kids! 

Adoption Fee $300


Age (Estimate): 8-9 months

Breed/Info: English Pointer

River has had a tough life in his short time. He was found as a stray in Bastrop, TX and taken into the local shelter with a severe head tilt. Our doctor found he had ruptured ear drum and resulting infection. He is on antibiotics now and we are hopeful that the head tilt heals with the infection- we just don't know how long he has had it. Despite the head tilt, he is a happy go luck dog. He is very sweet and personble- loves everyone and every dog he meets. He is dog door trained, not a barker, and a big snuggler. River loves toys and loves to play with other dogs and curl up on the couch with you. His adopter will be a very lucky person.

Adoption Fee $400



Age (Estimate): 2 years

Breed/Info: Pointer Mix

Heidi came to us with her 8 puppies. She is very calm and very appreciative of everything.

Adoption Fee $300


Age (Estimate): 6 months

Breed/Info: hound mix

Posey is a cute roly poly bundle of joy. Alongside Parker, she was in a bit of a bad way when she hit the Houston shelter but she is looking so much better. She loves her brother Parker but is the cutest squirmiest puppy. You are going to love her. She is learning how to be house trained thanks to her foster, and loves to lay outside and play with the other dogs or cat. When she is tired she goes to her crate to relax. The vet does not think she will grow to be above 25 lbs


Adoption Fee $400


Age (Estimate): 1 - 1 1/2 years

Breed/Info: English Pointer mix

Tabby has had a hard life so far, not just making it through Hurricane Harvey,  she also came to us bearing a clear collar scar on her neck. Despite this, she has a bubbly personality and a fun loving spirit. She loves to run and play with other dogs. The pool has proven to be a new fun adventure and she loves being on the sun deck - just wet enough without the need for swimming. At just over a year old she has lots of love to give and will show you how well behaved she can be both in and out of her crate. More pics to follow

Adoption Fee $300


Milk Dud

Age (estimate): 14 weeks 

Breed/Info: Border collie/Terrier (we think!)

Milk dud Is one of the Candy crew pups and is the only BOY of the litter. He is very friendly and loves everyone, especially his sisters! 

Adoption Fee $400



Age (Estimate): 14 weeks 

Breed/Info: Border Collie/Terrier (we think!)

Snickers is one of our Candy Crew pups! She loves to play and has lots of puppy energy! She is currently learning basic commands through her foster parent and sleeping through the night in her crate. She is a very smart girl!

Adoption Fee $400



Age (estimate): 14 weeks 

Breed/Info: Border Collie/Terrier (we think!)

Candy Crew pup, Twizzler is such a little bundle of joy! She loves to play and eat! Puppy life isn't so bad right about now!

Adoption Fee $400



Age (estimate): 14 weeks 

Breed/Info: Border Collie/Terrier (we think!)

Our last Candy Crew member is little Miss Reese. She is the more reserved pup of her litter mates and likes to chill more rather than playing with her crazy brother and sisters! She loves to snuggle and be right next to you!

Adoption Fee $400




Age (estimate): 1 1/2 years

Breed/Info: Pointer Mix

Andy just joined us from Louisiana! A real southern gent, he was found as a stray and did not do well in the shelter losing a lot of weight. He is a gentle, loving boy, who was such a good boy on his drive to us that his transporter almost took him home! He needs to gain some weight but otherwise he is in perfect health and is just looking for  home to call his home. Come on Texan's lets give this Louisiana boy a new start!

Adoption Fee $300


Age (estimate): 1 year

Breed/Info: Pointer/Retriever Mix

Tripp came to us from a horrid, dirty city trailer shelter. He is a beautiful, gentle dog who makes everyone he meets fall in love with him. He is going to make someone an amazing dog. He is about 55 pounds  and just a bundle of joy and love! More pics to follow!

Adoption Fee $300


Age (estimate): 1 year

Breed/Info: Pointer Mix

Sophie was found as a stray in Carrollton and quickly adopted. Sadly they quickly returned her as she was "too big". She is just over 50 pounds and the best dog ever! She knows basic commands and is super smart. She is just ready to be at home with her new family and to know she is settled in! She is good with dogs, people and even cats. Please come and take her home!

Adoption Fee $300



Age (estimate): 1 year

Breed/Info: Hound mix

Bear came to us from a small local city shelter days away from being euthanized! He is just a great dog, so loving, and full of fun! As you can see he took a bath in anticipation of meeting his new family. As soon as you see him you are going to fall in love with this gentleman!

Adoption Fee $300


Age (estimate): 2.5 years

Breed/Info: English Pointer

Sully came to us from Longview Shelter alongside his siblings Murphy and Olive. Although Murphy and Olive now have homes, Sully is still waiting to go home. Sully is a very timid boy who has been through a lot. He is a gentle soul who needs the loving attention of a family to bring him out of himself. Would be perfect for someone who works from home or is home during the day.

Adoption Fee $300


Age (estimate): 2 years

Breed/Info: Pointer Mix

Adoption Fee $300

Cleo found herself in a very rough shelter in Houston pregnant and with a bad case of mange and heartworms. Sadly, her puppies didn't make it. However, she is going to thrive. She is in the midst of heartworm treatment, and has re-grown her hair and is learning what it is like to be able to trust people. While a little timid, she loves to be pet and loves other dogs. She is very gentle. A fun fact about Cleo- she loves to follow in her human's footsteps so walks behind them and steps directly where their foot was- especially if it is on the way to the food bowl!  She is petite at under 40 lbs, is housebroken, and besides the occasional chewing of something she thinks is a toy, she is the perfect house dog.  Won't you give Miss Cleo the good fortune she has been looking for and a home?


Age (estimate): 11 years

Breed/Info: Curly Coated Golden Retriever mix

Goldie is like a fine wine- aged to perfection. We will never know why her owners surrendered her to a Houston area shelter at the age of 11, all we know is we are so thankful she is with us. She is housetrained, leash trained, loves EVERYONE, besides some shedding we can't find a single negative attribute. She loves to chill on her dog bed, and go for walks to try and get her "fluffy" figure back down to the health size. She still has a lot of spunk at age 11, won't you let her live out her "golden years" with you? She is pure gold!

Adoption Fee $150


Age (estimate): 1 year

Breed/Info: Pointer / Doberman(?) mix

Darling Bronson was found abandoned, tied to a pole outside a store. He was taken to a local shelter in Houston and made his way up to us. He is a real lover and snuggler and wants nothing more than to be good and be loved. He is still young but is well behaved, and just needs some consistency to make him perfect! He is just the most handsome chap!

Adoption Fee $300


Age (estimate): 2-3 years

Breed/Info: Pointer mix

Poor Beau has had a hard time recently. He was pulled from Harris County Shelter with an injured tail that was not fully healed. He has been on "vacation" at the vets after having an operation to correct the injury and giving him time to let it heal. He is finally home with us. He is also heartworm positive so is beginning his treatment. As you can see if you give him a chance he is a snuggler who needs to be with his person. Would be ideal in a home where his person is there during the day until he feels more comfortable. The poor boy has been shunted around and needs some stability and a lot of love.

Adoption Fee $300